Fedora + LTSP + iMac (Was: Re: Setting up a file server for a diskless X-Terminal)

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> actually, I'm sort of stuck doing almost that because I can't seem to
> get older iMac's to work as thin clients on ltsp 4.2 and one of the guys
> that helped with the Mac client utils says I need to look at what they
> employed on k12ltsp so I'm downloading the ltsp-6-32-bit disc images
> atm.

Can you issue

startx --query IPADDRESS :1

from the iMac?  I assume you have already installed the X11 from apple
and can issue a "startx" (or "startx :1"?) from the X11 terminal and
get the grey screen with the X.

I had this set up some time ago - an old iMac connecting to FC2 ala LTSP 4


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