Re: This list blocked by comcast? [Was: How does one unsubscribe and subscribe to this list?]

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On 9/13/07, Philip Walden <[email protected]> wrote:

> If I subscribe as <me>, no problem. If I subscribe as
> <me>, nothing ever shows up.

One more ditto - I use comcast for access only.  If there were another
game in town, I'd jump ship in a heartbeat.  I don't need some jackass
telling me he can't provision my modem because I'm not running
windows[1].  And I certainly don't need an ISP to decide what mail I'm
allowed to receive!


[1] Yes, this actually happened.  And yes, I ended up losing my
temper.  Later, I called and spoke with a nice woman who flipped some
invisible switch somewhere and the world was OK again.

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