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Hi Nigel Things are going good. 
Hay where can I find the windows codecs package. 

On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 23:06 +0200, Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 September 2007 17:03, Art wrote:
> > Hi I need some help setting up the mPlayer to play DVD's. I can bring it
> > up to the play list. On the list it dose not show the DVD. How do I get
> > to my DVD drive and what plugins do I need to install.
> > Thanks
> > Art Giles
> Hi Art. Hows it going?  
> Where did you get Mplayer from? Freshrpms, or Livna? You don't only need 
> Mplayer, but also the w32codecs package.
> Make sure that Mplayer is setup to access your DVD drive. 
> For example I have 3 optical drives (cdrom, cdwriter, and dvdrom) on one of my 
> machines. When you open Mplayer, at the extreme left of the window with the 
> controls on it there is a button. Click on that, which will bring up the 
> preferences window. Click on "misc", and it will show you where it's trying 
> to access your DVD rom drive from. In my case it's pointing to /dev/cdrom2, 
> but I have 3 drives, and that is the correct one for the DVD rom drive.
> On my other machine I have a combination drive (cdrom/cdwriter/dvdrom). If I 
> look at /dev in my file manager I have 3 entries, cdrom1, cdrw1, and dvd1. 
> All these are links pointing to the block device hdd.
> You need to make sure that what is there in Mplayers preferences > misc is 
> pointing to the correct link in /dev for the DVD device.
> An alternative for playing DVD's is the vlc package, but you will also need to 
> install the libdvdcss package as well ( that may be libdvdcss2), and may well 
> still need to check that it's accessing your drive correctly in /dev.
> All the best, and may the force be with you.
> Nigel.

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