Re: Sound in Fedora7 on a VPC2007 virtual machine?

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This is the third time I try to post the reply below. The two previous
have not shown up on the gmane list for some unknown reason...

On Sat, 08 Sep 2007 07:40:33 -0700, stan <goedigi89__e@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Bo Berglund wrote:
>> As can be seen in my thread concerning successful installation of F7
>> in VPC2007 I am still missing sound support.
>> It is very strange because if I enter the menu command 
>> System/Administration/Soundcard detection
>> I get to a window where I can test my emulated soundcard (Soundblaster
>> 16) and it produces really nice sounds.
>> But when I go to the menu command
>> System/Preferences/Hardware/Sound and enter the Sounds tab where there
>> are a number of system sounds to select and test, there is no sound
>> when I click the play buttons.
>> So what is the problem here?
>> (Someone suggested to check the Alsa Mixer, but that did not lead
>> anywhere).
>> Bo Berglund
>There was a recent thread about a similar problem.  You could search on 
>For now, try aplay -lLv to see if alsa is seeing your sound device.
Returns this:

    Sound Blaster 16, DSP v4.13
    Default Audio Device
    Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: S16 [Sound Blaster 16], device 0: SB16 DSP [DSP v4.13]
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

Not much of this that I understand, what does it mean???

>And aplay -Dhw:0,0 some.wav to see if alsa sound is working.

I assume that you are not saying there should be a file named
"some.wav", right?

On a freshly installed Fedora7 box where nothing else has been done,
where can one find a wav file to use as a test?
I have no connectivity over to my Windows box except the virtual PC
window I am using to run the guest operating system in.
I hade to type the above result from the screen to this message for

I do have wav files on my Windows PC, but I cannot get them over to
the Fedora PC. There should exist something since the device test uses
sound. But where?

>If the above give reasonable information, it is a configuration issue.  
>Your sound card is being recognized, the sound just has to be routed 
>correctly.  Because the sound test is working, this is likely the case.
>If that is true, do a search for .asoundrc with the name of your sound 
>card or sound chip for likely solutions.

Search where? On the Fedora7 PC or Google?

Bo Berglund

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