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Any news on dual core bug you can share ?

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On 9/10/07, Katalichenka, Sergey <skatalichenka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> The current 100.14.11 nvidia drivers have two major issues.
> 1. Random freeze on the dual core systems (can be eliminated by
> your kernel with idle=poll)

If booting with idle=poll eliminates the instability, then this is a
kernel or BIOS bug, and not a driver bug.

> 2. Infamous "Black window bug" which has been around through at least
> 2-3 driver versions. According to the posts I saw on nvidia forums,
> not "high enough priority" This can also be eliminated (by 1. Setting
> your rendering platform to AIGLX (serious performance lost). I have
> come across the bug, when beryl will not shut down freezing my laptop
> during powerdowns with that setting. And 2, by setting rendering path
> "use copy". Which came with moderate performance lost, and did not
> eliminate bug by 100%. In this setting some of your windows will go
> black from time to time, but maximizing a window, then resizing it,
> forces a redraw. It's not ideal, but at least I can get my window back
> and able to shutdown)

This bug will be fixed in the next driver release (as I've stated both
on this list and the forums already).

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