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Les Mikesell wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

    The root is right and the kernel address is right.
Uncompressing Linux is fine

Unable to access resume device (LABEL=swap2)

6 lines of trash and then kernel panic.

I have already loaded a 386 fedora 7 on the computer and it loads without a problem. So the problem is that the copied version will not run in the new computer.

it's kind of difficult anyway to do remote debugging, it's even more so
when trying to work with paraphrased error messages.
If at all possible, please supply verbatim error messages, both log file
snippets and console messages.

It's a problem because the problem is with another computer where it doesn't boot up :-)

But I will try working with it from the Rescue disk and see if I can find the problem. The dam LABEL problem is a pain of huge proportions. The LABEL=swap2 was a second drive that no longer exists. I do love LABEL's.

You should be able to apply a label to whatever swap partition you have on this machine with 'mkswap -L ...'. Just be sure to fix fstab if it is using an existing label to reference it.

I'm surprised that not finding a swap partition to check for a resume state would be a fatal error though. If adding the label fixes it, you should file a bug report. Was the source machine cleanly shut down and running from a live CD when you made the copy?

The line after resume devise may well be the clue I we need. It is:

mount: Could not find filesystem 'dev/root"

I'm not sure what /dev/root is. I for sure do not have a file system called /dev/root/. I will do some checking around. This looks to me like the problem.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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