Re: booting with the idle=poll kernel parameter

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On 04Sep2007 18:27, Katalichenka, Sergey <skatalichenka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| I ma trying to eliminate some stability issues with latest NVIDIA
| drivers. I have found an article which suggested setting idle=poll
| kernel parameter. 
| I have no idea how to do that. Can some one point me to the right
| direction?

Edit your /boot/grub/grub.conf file. There are lines of the form:
  kernel /vmlinuz...
Add idle=poll to the end of those lines.

Or, to try it just as a test instead of permanent:
  - boot
  - at the grub menu, hit <space> to stop it timing out and proceeding with a
    normal boot
  - type 'e' to edit the default boot clause
  - arrow down to the kernel line, and add idle=poll
  - type 'b' to boot that way
This does not edit the grub.conf, just the boot line used that once.

Cameron Simpson <cs@xxxxxxxxxx> DoD#743

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