Linux stops working

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I'm back on my old computer because of problems with the new one. They were these:

1. I had the same 500kb RAM and hard drive from this computer in the new one.

2. After a couple of problems grub started working just exactly as before.

3. But this F7 would start to load and then go into a kernel panic.

4. I tried FC6 and it was better. It loaded clear up but then I had no "head" on my mouse. I could not see how to do anything.

5. I made a new F7 and it boots up but just like FC6 the mouse was invisable :-)

I am just wiped out today. No ideas here except I may have had the mouse and keyboard plugged in wrong. They are both PS2 connectors.

   Any help will be much appreciated!


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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