Re: ipw3945-kmdl- needs /boot/vmlinuz-, this is not available

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2007/8/21, Axel Thimm <Axel.Thimm@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > I occasionally have had problems with kernel updates and not having
> > a compatible ipw3945, but it seems to be worse lately.  I'm not sure
> > if it's because the kernels are coming out faster, the ipw3945s are
> > coming out slower, or something on my system.
> No, the error is about not finding a kernel, not about not fining the
> kmdls. What happens lately is that kernels are deleted on the main
> server and packages that depended on the specific kernel have them
> broken dependenices.

If you can read his email, there is:

Error: Unable to satisfy dependencies
Error: Package ipw3945-kmdl- needs
/boot/vmlinuz-, this is not available.

# rpm -qa | egrep '(kernel|kmdl|3945|ieee802)'

How it comes "missing kernel because it has been deleted"?

bbbush ^_^

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