Re: ipw3945-kmdl- needs /boot/vmlinuz-, this is not available

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Yuan Yijun wrote:
Before the analysis, remember all kmdl packages depend on a specific
version of kernel. In the above list, ipw3945-kmdl depends on

If you updated the kernel, then ipw3945-kmdl would become unusable. So
yum is preventing this from happening. If you want to update your
kernel to kernel.i686, then you have to be able to
find ipw3945-kmdl of that version-release in your configured yum repo.

Have you tried the builtin iwl3945 driver? Remove ipw3945-kmdl,
Install iwl3945-ucode and you can use the builtin driver, you don't
need to install anything else.
I thought (from scanning the list) that the 3945 drivers being in the
kernel was a F7 thing, and wasn't included in the FC6 kernels.
Am I wrong? I would live to be wrong, and get away from this kmdl
problem (for the wireless, at least).
Then remember to update kernel and kernel-devel at the same time. It
is better than kmdl imo.
Yeah, I only installed the kernel headers because fuse needed it, and
ntfs-3g needed fuse, but fuse needed a kernel that there was no 3945
kmdl for, so that's why I have multiple kernels installed, and the
kernel headers for a different version than I'm running.
It might be a bit risky, but it sounds like what I need to do is remove
all 3945 stuff, remove all but the newest kernel, install iwl3945-ucode,
and do an update while praying and thinking pure thoughts.
Thanks for your help.

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