Re: rpmbuild FAIL while packaging symlinks

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>>>> and run /sbin/ldconfig in %post.  It will make the symlinks according to
>>>> the library soname.
>>> That is false advise, however, since you want to create all necessary
>> "false advice" is a bit hard on something that was accurate and solves

> It doesn't solve the problem. It only tries to work around it. Running

There are two "problems" here though, getting his build working at all
and tracking down the segfault.

I don't mind agreeing that resolving it with the unowned link thing
taken care of is "more correct".  But so far you didn't get the guy over
his actual problem in front of him.  For sure in the long run fixing the
segfault has more value, but let's not underestimate the value of a hack
that lets you go on in the short term.

> /sbin/ldconfig in %post and %postun is a MUST for packages which put
> shared libraries into run-time linker's search path. And think about
> it a bit more. If is put into /usr/lib and does not

As you see in my original answer I describe "It will make the symlinks
according to the library soname".

> contain a proper SONAME, ldconfig won't create any symlink like
> The result would be a poorly packaged rpm.

Isn't a problem with the library if it doesn't describe itself through
the soname properly... applying your holistic fixing logic one would go
to the library to fix that...


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