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David Krings wrote:
> Hi!
> I have the Asus M2n32-SLI Deluxe board with 2x SATA as RAID1 on the
> FakeRAID nVidia SATA controller. F7_64 installed fine and booted fine,
> but then I decided to add updates and a good load of applications to the
> system. After that the boot hangs at the grub> prompt and that is
> basically the point where I need some help.
> Other information in bullet points:
> - GRUB installed on MBR of FakeRAID
> - worked fine several times
> - dual boot with XP64
> - have a Promise IDE controller with 2 PATA drives present
> - the F7 install is on the second parition of the mirror raid
> I did try install and setup at the grub prompt, but I have no idea how
> the INSTALL_DEVICE is called as it is to be the FakeRAID, which was
> named nvidia_andthensomething.
> I can boot from the install DVD and get the live system, but when I opt
> to repair the existing installation I am always told that GRUB will not
> be reinstalled, because I did not install any new kernel modules. THAT
> is the biggest disappointment. I can live for now with the annoyance to
> potentially have to fix GRUB after installing updates/apps, but I don't
> even get really a chance....or better to say, I don't know how.
> Any help is appreciated.
>     David
You may want to take a look at /boot/grub/ and make sure
it is correct. It is possible that until the OS boots, and loads its
own driver, that the drive is /dev/sda instead of what ever it is
called when the RAID is active. (From what little I know about
fake-RAID, it requires the proper OS driver to be loaded before you
really have RAID.)

Another possibility, but not one I would expect to run into with a
modern BIOS, is that the update moved the kernel, or the inital RAM
disk image, to a part of the hard drive that the BIOS can not
access. But if that were the case, I would expect the old kernel to
still boot. (This was why a separate /boot partition near the start
of the drive was used in the past.)


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