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Mick M. wrote:
> I am archiving my CD collection.
> What is the best format to do this OGG/FLAC/WAV/MP3 ?

The "best" format is subjective and also dependent on other factors.

> Right now I am using grip to make wav and mp3 files.  Diskspace is
> rapidly shrinking.

If disk space is low, then lossless formats like wav and flac aren't
as good, since they will be much larger than a lossy format such as
ogg or mp3.  Of wav and flac, flac is significantly smaller than wav.

For long term archiving, a lossless format is the best since it
doesn't sacrifice any audio quality.  So if you can add disk space,
it'd be quite nice to use flac from the start (and transcode to mp3
when you need to make mixes for your car).

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