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On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 11:02 -0400, [email protected] wrote:
> On Thursday  August 09 2007 5:33:48 am MoonShine wrote:
> > The primary cd reader or whatever I have just says CD ROM then DISC
> > COMPACT thats it.
> >
> >
> That's your problem. You can't read a DVD with a CD ROM
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> Sorry again for the broken mailer...
> Basically what he is saying is that he has no idea what the difference is 
between a CD and a DVD, which is SOMEHOW a fault of Linux.
> Note to Moonshine:
> Download one of the live CDs and install from there.  You *DO NOT* own a 
DVD-ROM drive and therefore CANNOT use the DVD to install Fedora 7.  This is 
*NOT* a fault of Linux.  Rather it is a fault of you not knowing what hardware 
that you have and downloading the inappropriate media ISO.
> Conversely, you can go buy a DVD-ROM drive and install it.
> Either way, this is a failure on *YOUR* end, *NOT* a failure of Fedora 7 nor 
a failure of Linux in general.  Blaming Linux for a problem caused by your 
hardware is like a drunk driver blaming the booze for crashing his car.
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> -- 
Hi, Moonshine,
	Claude was a bit brutal, but the fact is that CD's and DVD's are
totally different animals, like 45RPM records and 78RPM records.  If you
played a 45 on a 78 player, you would not understand the music.  The
same is true of your computer when a DVD is played in a CD player.
Unfortunately it is not possible to fix this in software, the mechanics
are actually different.  You can find DVD players in the used market for
about $10, New ones on the web for about 15-30, and new DVD read/write
drives for 25-60 or so.  CD is becoming archaic in computer use because
of the volume of data and speed issues, so I strongly recommend that you
either obtain a DVD read/write unit or consider upgrading your computer
at the earliest opportunity.  You can find pretty good deals at various
retailers and on line.  I like Microcenter, and have purchased my last 6
systems from them.

I have generally found that I can purchase a whole system cheaper than I
can build one, unless I want top end.  

Les H

Broken web mailer apologies, etc..

Claude didn't post that, I did.  Brutal or not it is completely accurate.  He came to this list screaming about how he is about to give up Fedora and Linux because of how broken it is and how his install DVD won't work when he hasn't even BOTHERED to check the hardware requirements vs what his system is.

If I bought a Blue Ray or HD-DVD movie and complained, blaming it on the movie industry, because it wouldn't work in my Memorex DVD-ROM drive who is the wrong?  Me.  That's who.

This guy is 110% out of line and needs to be made aware of it.  Based upon his tendency to blame it on others before even bothering to check if he, himself, is the culprit, he needed a reality check.

The reality is that he cannot play a DVD in a CD-ROM drive and he tried to.  He didn't say, "Hey.  What am I doing wrong?"  He said, "Linux is broken and I'm about ready to never use it again."

Were my statements harsh?  Yes.  Were my statements accurate?  Yes.  Were his statements 110% out of line to begin with?  Completely.

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