Re: F8T1 Issues

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chris@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I tested F8T1 in my ThinkPad 600X. Audio doesn't work after resume, but that's a very old bug.

Video doesn't work after resume, but a work-around of switching to console and back works.

The new video issue is that if you drag an open dialog (like Nautilus) so the left side is past the left edge of the screen and pull it down, a single pixel's width of the dialog appears on the RIGHT edge of the screen. If you slide the dialog up, the rightmost column on the screen does not change, but then if you drag it down again, the rightmost column does change.

Where should I report this to get it the attention it deserves?

Run # yum update to see if any updates fixes these issues. Report issues to You might also want to subscribe to fedora-test list for any discussions.


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