Re: Strange things going on

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On Thursday  August 09 2007 6:39:25 am Andrew Kelly wrote:
> I am, however, largely amused at your last line and thank you for a good
> belly laugh.
> It reads like Al Gore taking credit for inventing the Internet. Good
> one

I'm not sure how much time you spent thinking about this, and how much time 
you spent composing your post, but, while you make some valid points, I'm not 
going to respond to them -- they tend to be self-evident and speak for 
themselves. My central point was the question of the piling-on that was 
happenning, and the rapidly deteriorating tone of some of those posts. 

Meanwhile, we've introduced Karl to mail-list threading, which, as I 
suspected, he didn't know about previously. He, not so surprisingly, 
appreciated the feature once he learned about it. 

So far as patronizing goes, most of the attacks on him included really 
outrageous examples of it -- outrageous given the fact that he, as has been 
noted by several others, is actually an extremely savvy fellow who's doing 
some interesting things on his machine. But now, I've slipped into 'defending 
Karl' territory, which has never been my intent -- (sorry, Karl - it is not 
my desire to speak for you, you take care of yourself quite well)

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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