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On 8/6/07, Valent Turkovic <valent.turkovic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I had a really busy few weeks at work so I couldn't manage to
> contribute so much with bug tracking.
> Now I'm off to Crete for a break... so if somebody has the time please
> jump in and help with this bug.
> Thank you.
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> ICQ: 2125241, Skype: valent.turkovic

Next time, please mention that your bug is in regard to being unable
to install the Flash 9 plugin from the Firefox browser.  This saves
the list from having to go to Bugzilla to read up on your bug report.

FWIW: I have never had any success installing the Flash plugin
directly from the Firefox browser on any Linux distribution that I
have used. This bug is not high on my list of items to get fixed. The
fix for me has always been to fetch and install the rpm from the
Macromedia repository. I've been doing that since RH 9.

I'm not certain that system administrators want this fixed. What if
installing Flash is prohibited?

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