Re: Switch computer back to Eastern time

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On Tue July 31 2007, Tim wrote:
> If that's the same as the system-config-date, then the "local time
> source" is for when you're connected to something like a radio clock,
> GPS, or other source of reference time that's not completely remote from
> you (like servers on the internet).

I looked that up, and I see that's correct. I've actually never touched that 
particular setting, so I'm assuming it's a default setting, which seems a 
little strange. I'm not even sure how I would connect my computer to a 
radio-controlled clock. In any event, those settings work well for me across 
multiple machines. I happen to have a radio controlled clock/barometer right 
next to this machine, so I'm able to see whether my computer time is correct, 
since my radio clock is getting its time from the atomic clock in Colorado, 
USA. They're always completely in sync. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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