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On Sun, 2007-07-29 at 10:26 -0600, Charles Curley wrote:
> To add more partitions, primary partitions can be relabeled as
> extended partitions, which contain logical partitions. Under Mess-DOS,
> a given extended partition can have no more than four logical
> partitions. I don't know if any other OSs have this restriction. 

Just in case you're interested.  The olde Amiga, could use an IDE drive,
and do so without any of this primary/extended partitions, business.
You could carve up a drive into numerous partitions, and each one was
*just* "a partition".  I don't remember what the limit was, but I did
carve a drive up into about eight, at one stage.  Of course, it didn't
have an IBM clone BIOS as part of the equation - that's where this limit
comes in (the BIOS, OS, & file systems), it's not due to being IDE, in

There were other aspects to the Amiga's way of handling drives that I
miss, too.  None of this fstab, or something else to auto-mount it,
issues.  The drive volume name, device name, bootability, auto-mounting
flags, filesystem handler, etc., were stored on the drive itself (some
on the partitions, others pertaining to the whole drive, as

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