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The way I look at it is that the developers only have so much
hardware to test things on. If it works with their hardware, then
they release it to testing so that users with other hardware can
test it. If it works for the testers, then it gets out to the
general Fedora users. There it is used on many more hardware
combinations. From the reports of things not working, data is
gathered to hopefully fix other bugs. The end results are passed on
to less bleeding edge distributions so that they do not run into the
same problems. Some things that are tested on Fedora will probably
never make it into more stable distributions because they were a
good idea that didn't work out in practice.

Just my 2 cents...

I totally agree with you.

My point was simply it is not fair or useful to complain that the testers are not doing their job problem simply because an update gets out that causes problems for some users. As you say, the testers are a small sub-set of the total community and thus don't have all the hardware available.

Of course it is correct to report problems back here, in order to help solve such things, but its best to do so with all the complaining or claiming that 'it should never happen', that doesn't go down well with the testers themselves.


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