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On 18/07/07, Ray Bramton <rbandmb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

<It's apparent from below that you don't get quotes
for free, but if threading is broken it's even more important
that you copy a little context in.>

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention I'm not using Pine to view posts, I'm using
Firefox.  I turned off emails for new posts as this was getting me a WHOLE
lot of emails and this ain't too cool with a dial-up connection.  Also I
didn't want to sort through all those emails when I could just open the
page with Firefox when I want to see all the posts.  I want to be able to
see if there's a reply to my posts only with email notification, like with  Is this not possible?

Is Gmail usable over your connection?  I point my
subscription to Gmail and tell it to put all Fedora-list
mails in a folder.  Then I can use their interface to
pick and choose which conversations to look at.

(I do have Thunderbird set up to get mails from Gmail
too, but only headers, the bodies aren't downloaded
until I ask for them.  That might still be quite slow over
dialup though.)


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