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On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:58:04 -0700
stan <stanl@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:40:43 -0500, Ray Bramton wrote:
> > I'm wondering how I should be posting replies here in the proper
> > manner, I'm new as of 7-17-07.  I am a subscriber with
> > and I want to broaden my knowledge of Fedora so
> > here I am. I use Pine and I tried copying the subject to the subject
> > header prepended with "Re:" and it showed up in the list under the
> > appropriate subject but it had "<Possible follow-ups>" above it and
> > the reply doesn't show up at the bottom of the thread.  Thanks ahead
> > of time.
> > 
> Another alternative is to use the pan newsreader.  
> yum install pan
> Run pan from Internet -> pan newsreader
> Go to Edit -> Edit newsservers
> Add, the rest of the defaults should be OK.
> Now go to the group pane.  Click on Other Groups.  Then in the little
> box in the upper left that has group name in gray, type gmane to see
> all the gmane groups or gmane.linux.redhat.fedor.general to see only
> this group.
> Click on the name, and a dialog box will come up.  Accept the default
> by hitting enter.
> You will now be in the header pane with a threaded list of all the
> emails from this list.  All of the pan newsreader commands are now
> available to read them.
> If you want to reply to a posting/email, click Post -> Reply to author
> in mail. That will bring up a separate window for pan with 
> For users of Fedora <fedora-list@xxxxxxxxxx>
> in the  Mail to field.
> Now it is just sending an email.  Actually this is a test of it all as
> I haven't used it before.  If this shows up on the list, the above
> method works.  :-)
> When I clicked post article in the pan article window, it launched my
> default mail client and put the message in it.
> And, as I suspected might happen, the To address failed.  I was hoping
> the client was smart enough to parse it, but it isn't.  So you'll have
> to edit the extraneous garbage out of the To address, then send.
> i.e. Delete the "For users of Fedora <" and the trailing ">" leaving
> only fedora-list@xxxxxxxxxx
> Maybe there is a way to set up pan to do this for you when sending to
> a mail client.
I forgot a step.  If you want to continue to see the group on start,
you will have to subscribe.  While in the group, go back to the group
pane.  The group should already be highlighted.  Right click on it and
select subscribe.  It will move up to subscribed groups.

> This method is of course applicable to any newsreader software you
> might prefer allowing for different setup.  Newsreaders are time
> tested for dealing with high volume groups.

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