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On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 22:56 +0200, antonio montagnani wrote:

> > ----
> > > For your information we inserted a SC101 Netgear storage device: no
> > > way to have it working in a Linux environment (and also you need to
> > > install his software on each windows computer on a network), even if
> > > it gets a IP number from my Linux DHCP server. But Netgear clearly
> > > stated that only Windows is supported.
> > ----
> > Linux does's called samba
> Sorry, but SC101 in a Linux environment is not seen, the device has a
> strange file system, it is seen as a computer resource also under
> Windows, not as a Network resource: anyway, scope of starting DHCP was
> to have IP's numbers broadcasted on the network, and to check if at
> least in a Windows network device was running fine.
sounds like zeroconf - you might want to google that.

Craig White <[email protected]>

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