Fedora 7, PXE and e1000

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I'm running into some trouble installing Fedora 7 using pxeboot.
I've searched the forum but did not find a complete answer,
that's why i'm posting my question.
My server has two e1000 compatible NICs. I've found some forum
posts that explain e1000 issues with Fedora 7 but i could not verify
that i'm having the same problem.
I'm seeing the following:
After anaconda starts it will request a IP using dhcp. On the dhcp
server i see incoming requests and outgoing acks. For some reason
anaconda can't use the network. Anaconda will give me an error
saying that it can't access the installation tree.

It looks like anaconda/dhclient doesn't pick up the ACK, or some
thing's preventing network access. Unfortunately it's too
early in the bootstage for me to check. (ALT-F2 doesn't have a
shell yet) Pinging the IP address from the dhcp server results in
100% packetloss.

When i use the same parameters in FC6 everything works smoothly.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Best regards,

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