Re: two audio cards?

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Jeffrey Ross wrote:
> Before I stick a second card in the machine I figured I'd ask what to
> watch out for.   I'm going to stick a second audio card in the machine,
> this card will only have its line input used, I will not be using its
> line output for anything.  How do I configure the system to use the
> built in card for output audio but this second card for input audio?
> TIA, Jeff
One thing that may give you trouble is that the order of the two
cards may change, with the new card being sound card 0, and the
existing one being sound card 1. You may have to use the index
option in /etc/modprobe.conf (or /etc/modprobe.d/<file>) to fix
this. You probably have something like "options snd-card-0 index=0"
in the current file. You should back up your modprobe.conf file
before adding the new card.

ANother thing that could give you trouble is if the current sound
card is built into the mother board. On some mother boards, the BIOS
can be configured to disable the built in sound card when it detects
another sound card.


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