FC7 Yum Update RPM Redirection

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Hi All, 
I am still using FC6 and am toying with over the next few weeks finally
taking the plunge, reformatting and installing FC7. My main hassle at
the moment, which is pure laziness on my behalf, is the need to remember
all the packages I have updated / installed via yum which I have
personally installed throughout using FC6.

I was wondering if it would be at all possible to perhaps make a working
current listing of my "rpm" database under FC6. Possibly something like
the following (please feel free to correct me should I be wrong, as
terminal work is definitely not my forte :-)  ):

rpm -qa > rpm-database-listing-FC6

My only problem is then, once I have saved this file to an external HDD,
reformatted my computer with FC7 is to get this listing to be parsed by
yum and any programs which aren't currently installed to be
automatically searched and downloaded (after I have done the manual
addition of repos of course).

I was thinking I could possibly make FC7 rpm database file, then run
either "cmp" or "diff" between the two files, then re-direct the
"difference only contained in rpm-database-listing-FC6" to a third file
called "yum-FC7-updates-from-FC6"

I am thinking I could then possibly go ...

yum -y update < yum-FC7-updates-from-FC6

I would be most appreciated if something might be able to comment on
whether this process is actually do-able or viable.

Thanks for your help.

All the best.

Tony Crouch

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