mail in a home data center?

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I've got my home server doing DNS (thinks to the excellent
articles in redhat magazine) and DHCP, so I was foolishly
thinking the next step might be mail (or I might die of
old age trying to understand sendmail - it would be a close
race I think :-).

Are there any pointers around the web anywhere that might
clarify how to achieve the following things with any
software that is available on fedora (I certainly don't
insist on sendmail):

1. Deliver local mail correctly within my home data
center (though this will consist mostly of making sure
things like mail sent by various root cron scripts
winds up actually coming to me rather than being queued
up forever in limbo).

2. Deliver external mail by talking to my ISP's account
the same way individual mailers do today - authorizing
with my password, using secure connection, putting my proper
ISP account's From: address on the mail instead of my
local user name, etc... (I don't have, and am not gonna
have a domain name or a fixed IP).

3. As an extra bonus, perhaps deliver my local mail to
an IMAP server's store so I can read it from any machine
in my home data center. (Or even outside if I ever decide
to open any ports, but I probably won't do that).

Something with detailed instructions assuming I know nothing
would be nice, because every time I try reading about this
stuff I wind up gibbering in a corner sucking my thumb :-).

Anyone planning a redhat magazine article on this? :-).

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