Re: cdrecord doesn't like me anymore

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Steve Searle wrote:
> Around 06:26am on Friday, July 06, 2007 (UK time), Michael Hennebry scrawled:
>> I can't even get cdrecord -scanbus to work:
>> [[email protected] sata]# cdrecord -scanbus
> Try:  cdrecord -scanbus /dev/hda
>                         ^^^^^^^^
> 			This needs to be whatever the correct device is
> 			for you.
> Steve
The scanbus option is supposed to scan for your drive. The point of
the option is to find the drives on your system when you do not know
what the device is. From the man page:

      Scan all SCSI devices on all SCSI busses and print the inquiry
      strings. This option may be used to find SCSI address of the
      CD/DVD-Recorder on a system.  The numbers printed out as
      labels are computed by: bus * 100 + target


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