Re: Sendmail "Large Box" warning in system logs

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Eric wrote:
> At 01:35 PM 7/4/2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>>> You may have better luck on the sendmail mailing list or forum.
> Good afternoon, Mikkel.
> I looked in comp.mail.sendmail and didn't find anything, but I will try
> posting the specific question there and see what happens.
> I do have the sendmail configuration package but there isn't anything
> obvious there that indicates how to set or disable this warning.
> Thanks...
Sendmail configuration gets interesting because the file
contains directives to include other file that the config package
installed so that you can build the file. I guess you
could say that only have the most commonly changed
options in it. There are a lot of rules that have default values
that are used if you do not set them in I don't even
pretend to know most of them. I have not done a complex sendmail
configuration in years... (There is a reason that there are books on
configuring Sendmail - the macro language could be considered a
programming language...)


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