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Paul Smith wrote:
On 7/2/07, Karl Larsen <k5di@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I just read where someone upgraded from Fedora6 to Fedora7. Is this
> still a big risk with the
> dependency issues. I have most things fairly stable and the way I like
> them. From alot of
> opinions that I have read over the past couple of weeks here, it
> sounds like I might as well just
> stay with 6. I'm starting to get figure-it-out-burn-out. Any Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> George Hare
    Hi George, I just went from 6 to 7 the painless way. Today we have
HUGE hard drives. So what I did was load Fedora 7 in another partition.
I did a full new load not an upgrade.

    Once it is up you can put a line in your /etc/fstab file that makes
mounting your fc6 to your new f7 easy and just move the stuff you want
from 6 to 7. You get to pick and choose what you want on your new 7.

Here, the F7 installation dvd does not simply install anything, as the
F7 kernel is buggy:


Hi Paul, the 47 updates include another kernel. I hope this one will be a keeper. What did you find wrong with the older one?


Upps I will go to Bugzilla. Thanks

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