Re: selinux eradicator?

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on 6/28/2007 6:50 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>    Here is why I used the excellent advice given earlier on this list
>> and turned off selinux. It didn't hurt and took about 5 minutes because
>> you must re-boot to make it work.
>>    I turned it off because it does nothing good that I could tell, was a
>> mess on my dmesg printout and others talked about real problems with it.
>> I have not received a single virus and no-one ever got into my computer
>> in 10 years without selinux. I have no need for insurance.
> I've never been hit by a car either, but when the light turns green I still
> look both ways before crossing.  I also don't stay out on the golf course
> when a thunderstorm is approaching even though I've never been hit by
> lightning.
> The "It hasn't happened to me" argument never ceases to amaze me.
> Yet, I must say that I'm happy some individuals choose to run selinux
> disabled rather than learn about it.

I always likeed that argument too Rd. Almost as much as the "I always run
as root" people. What could possibly go wrong?  ;-)



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