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The company I work with uses Exchange as its primary email system. We are about to have to move from 2003 to 2007 and we are experiencing some very $ignificant $ticker $hock at the prospect. We have about 4,500 mailboxes of which probably 500 are actually using the features of exchange.

What we are considering is installing a second, FOSS, email system for the vast majority of our people to give them "basic" access. I have not decided on which FOSS email system to use yet but that comes later. My question today is, is anybody else successfully doing this?

Some of the requirements would be:

1) It would not matter which system managed your mail, your email address would be the same. This is the one that is giving me the most grief in trying to figure out. How would a message know which system to go to? The prospect of managing alias tables in sendmail do not appeal to me at all.

2) There would need to be an integrated or shared global address book. Anybody should be able to find anybody else regardless of email manager.

3) Though not a requirement, it would be nice if a person could "graduate" from "basic" to "advanced" with a minimum of hassle.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


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