Re: mount hda3 fails

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ne... wrote:
> On 6/28/07, thufir <[email protected]> wrote:
>> How can I mount hda3 please?
> You can't. Now read carefully what is below and figure this one out
> yourself. That is your assignment for today.

>> /dev/hda3            1926        9729    62685630   8e  Linux LVM

That's not very helpful, it isn't obvious nor is the diagnosis certain.

The problem is that /dev/hda3 is probably not an ext3 filesystem, it is
probably instead an LVM volume which may contain an ext3 filesystem.  I
say probably because there is no direct relationship between the
partition type shown here as "Linux LVM" and what is actually on the
partition: you could go and reformat the partition as vfat and the
partition type would still remain showing "Linux LVM".  But it's
probably telling you the truth at the moment.

You need to use the LVM tools to find the LVM volume name to mount it,
eg, pvscan and lvscan.

I avoid LVM unless I intend to actually spread the filesystem over
multiple discs, unfortunately it is selected by default in Anaconda for
all situations.


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