Where Did It Go? A Re-Post

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I've completed what I thought was a good install of Fedora 7.  But, I've
found out that my ATAPI based internal Zip 250 drive has not been detected
and/or configured.  My setup is (under Fedora Core 6):
/dev/hda - Western Digital 80GB hard drive
/dev/hdb - IOmega ATAPI Zip 250 drive
/dev/hdc - Maxtor 300 GB hard drive
/dev/hdd - Toshiba DL DVD burner

After the install of Fedora 7, the setup shows up as:
/dev/sda - Same as /dev/hda above
/dev/sdb - Same as /dev/hdc above
/dev/sdc0 - Same as /dev/hdd above.

I verified that the Zip drive is working (it's there and readable when I
boot a Fedora Core 6 Rescue CD). That's when I noticed that there had been
a FAT16 disk inserted into the drive.

I went to the IOmega site and found the following instructions:

Question: How do I install Zip ATAPI driver for Linux Kernel 2.2.14 or
Answer:  Step One - logged in as root (not su) enter the following
               insmod ide-scsi
               insmod fat
               insmod vfat

              Step Two - add a mount point for the drive:
               mkdir /media/zip250.0

              Step Three - mount your drive
               mount -t fat /dev/sdb4 /media/zip250.0

              Step Four - Add the following to /etc/fstab
               /dev/sdb4 /media/zip250.0 fat noauto,user 0 0

What needs to be changed to get this to work under Fedora 7 (I'm already
using /dev/sdb - see above)?

Should the drivehave been 'seen' initially during the install?  Was it my
fault because I did a custom partitioning scheme using LVM?  Do I need to
go back a start the install all over again (I've had to do this in the

Gene Poole
[email protected]

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