Re: Window won't go away

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Mike McCarty wrote:
Nigel Henry wrote:
On Tuesday 26 June 2007 18:24, Mike McCarty wrote:

Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:

Or try pressing CTRL+ALT+ESC (or whatever combination is set in your GUI to kill programs) and then click the application with the skull cursor.

How do I find out what that may be? CTRL-ALT-ESC seemingly does nothing
on my computer.


I havn't used CTRL + ALT + ESC for ages, and had forgotten all about it. It does work ok, but its a case of CTRL + ALT, and then a tap on the ESC key,

It does nothing on my computer except to cause the current window
to lose focus, and a highlighted line appears around the screen.
No change to the cursor. Nothing happens if I click on a terminal
window while the screen is highlighted.

Does "xkill" work from the command line?

It always does for me, I never knew of CTR+ALT+ESC until today.

Bob Goodwin

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