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John Pierce wrote:
> Hello!
> I have two hp pavilion laptops, both are the same machines purchased
> the same day.  I had opensuse 10.2 on both and then switched to fedora
> 7.  Now the machine that my wife uses will not burn a dvd, it will
> burn cd and cdrw discs but not a dvd.  I figured that the drive went
> bad and I called hp tech support, they told me it was a configuration
> issue not hardware since it will burn cd and not dvd.
> I did an ls -al of /dev/scd0 on my machine (the one that still burns
> dvds) and this was the result:
> brw-rw----+ 1 eagle1 disk 11, 0 2007-06-24 17:50 /dev/scd0
> I then did the same on my wifes computer (the one that will not burn a
> dvd) and this was the result:
> brw-------+ 1 panda1 disk 11, 0 2007-06-24 20:56 /dev/scd0
> I only see one small difference in the two listings, could this be the
> problem of why it will not burn a dvd disc? Or, should I be more
> insistent on have the hardware replaced?
> It does seem strange that it worked fine until I switched to fedora 7
> from opensuse 10.2.
> Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I am surprised that there is a difference in permission. The
difference in ownership is because of console.perms, and the
difference in permissions is probably from the same place, but it
shouldn't be. In any case, with the device "owned" by the user that
is trying to burn, the difference will not matter. It is just that
on your wife's machine, people in the disk group will not be able to
access the drive, but they will on yours.

I would make sure that both machines have all the updates, and then
log out, and back in on both machines. See if the permissions match
then. I would also check the burning application to make sure that
all the tools it needs to burn DVD's are there. The burning GUI is
just a front end for a bunch of cli applications.


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