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> > Again, you are not being precise enough. What *exactly* happens when you
> > try and run ? post the output you get from the command line when you run
> > acroread ?
> That is real easy. After a perfect rpm -i Adobe--- you find two places
> in Applications -> Office to click on this application. I clicked one
> and then the other and waited. Nothing. I did a ps -A and found the
> kernel knew about two Acrobat starts. But nothing on the screen at all.

That is not what I asked. If you start apps from the gui menu, you lose any 
error messages they may give. Under such circumstances it is often more 
productive to start the app from the command line.

So, as I said, what do yo get it you attempt to start the app from the command 
line. I.e. type

 > acroread


> It's what comes up when you click on a .pdf file. I have not figured out
> yet where it lives. I can't find it. But it is NOT Acrobat.

its probably evince the default gnome viewer. But, I'm not a gnome user so I'm 
just guessing here. Is there a "about" or "help" tab you could try looking 

Also, if the fonts are too small for you there is usually so option to change 
that. It might by part of the app or it might be a global gnome setting 
somewhere. Again, a gnome user should be able to help more here as I'm not 

> Again Chris, I have been able to use Acrobat on EVERY linux but FC6 so far.

That is no guarantee of anything... Fedora is cutting edge and thus quite 
often is too new for many third party apps. Acroread is one of these.

That said, it might just be you need to install some backwards compatibility 
libs. We won't know until you show us the *real* error messages. I.e. my 
first point....


p.s. I realize, a few days ago I was rather rude to you on this list. I really 
do apologize. All I can say was "bad day at work" no excuse I know...

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