Re: FC7 Power Down/Power Button issue

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On Sat, 2007-06-23 at 21:27 -0600, Mike Cisar wrote:
> Have a new system, thought I’d use it to do some testing of FC7…  did
> a clean install, no additional packages other than the defaults.
> Two problems… 
> - the system didn’t start to shut down when I hit the power switch

Since it worked on FC6 and not 7, this might not affect you, or at least
matter.  But how long do you hold the power button before deciding it
won't shut off?

Probably don't matter, again because it seems to work in 6, but thought
I would ask anyway.

Now this is a stupid question, but if it shuts down fine by shutdown -h,
then why does it matter if hitting the button works or not?  If it
don't, pull the plug if it's needed that to shutdown that fast.  And
that is not the proper way to shut it down anyway, so not like it's
important is it?

Just asking, not dogging out for asking or anything :)

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"Best little town on Earth!"

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