Re: Why are some having so much trouble with F7?

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on 6/23/2007 2:56 PM, Richard Irving wrote:
> Eric wrote:
>> At 11:36 AM 6/23/2007, Kevin Kempter wrote:
>> <KK>>>>>for what it worth... I have an IBM thinkpad (Z60m) with a SATA 
>> drive and fedora 7 installed without a single issue....<<<<<
>> Good morning, Kevin... I just breezed through some of the more prominent 
>> SATA threads on this forum over the last few weeks and it seems from 
>> that limited data source that most people are like you... installation 
>> on SATA systems without any issues.
>   Perhaps so, but this bug track doesn't think so:
> And here, again.
>    Perhaps we could nail it down to a -particular- SATA 
> BIOS/Motherboards... rather than *any* SATA.

The bug and the forum posts that your links point to are for a test
release from before Fedora 7.

Have you actually tried to install Fedora 7?



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