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Matthew Saltzman wrote:
On Fri, 2007-06-22 at 13:11 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
I'm sorry Matthew Saltzman who is working on my Bug, and a guy who signs as "Tim" are using HTML email which my Thunderbird will not decode. This is because I have selected a big font which is easy for my old eyes to see. I can read all straight ascii of tiny font because my system blows it up to normal size.

    Just to see I printed Matt's email but it still comes out as garbage.

So please, if you have a way to switch to ascii from HTML do so at least on the list. Then we can all read it.

Damn, am I really sending HTML?  (Obviously, somebody other than Karl
will have to answer, if I am.)

No I can answer Matt. Your sending HTML but I got T-Bird to convert it to plane ascii before sending it to the display. I can now read anything again, almost.


If I am, I apologize profusely and ask:

How can I get Evolution not to do that?  (And if you're going to say,
"Use TBird," save yourself the keystrokes, please...)  HTML is not
checked in the Format pull-down.  I found the tab to select HTML
formatting and it's not checked either.

Karl K5DI

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