Re: Selinux so badly corrupted machine can't start

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On Monday June 18 2007 10:04:48 am Robert L. Cochran wrote:
> I'm glad someone goes to the effort to work with Selinux. I routinely
> disable it for the reasons you describe -- it is unlikely to work out of
> the box and very, very, very unfriendly to change effectively and then
> return to one's real work with applications. I don't want to spend all my
> time on Selinux; I want to make very rare quick changes that are easy to do
> and which work, then go back to coding web pages. Since I can't do that atr
> this time I disable it at install time.
> Bob Cochran

I don't mind. This is a hobby as much as a work tool for me. If I can help the 
developers by reporting these matters in as much detail as I understand, I 
think the long term benefit worthy. 

To Dan W: I will have access to email all day, though not to the machine, if 
any other questions arise from my log I sent you off list

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD

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