Re: Updates - evolution issue with your David's messages

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David Boles wrote:
You are correct, the bar is yellow on this message, "Thunderbird thinks 
this message is junk."  I was wrong, it does not call it spam.

Bob Goodwin
Hmm... If "Thunderbird thinks this message is junk." that means TB
thinks it is Spam. Probably because of the signature. TB, for me, shows
that warning as a red warning.

You have two options. Ignore it for my message(s) or tell TB it, my
message, is not Spam. TB's Spam has to be 'trained' like this. You can
also have TB look a 'Scams'. But I find that feature a pain in the neck.

I think I have probably clicked on "Not Junk" more than fifty times on your messages over recent weeks, it still hasn't "learned," apparently thinks I'm wrong?  I leave that and the limitation on image display running, turned of the spam detect function and whatever else it offers to do for me.

I also like to limit the size of attachments downloaded since I have some correspondents who will send huge files that I don't care to open and have the option to simply delete.  I receive almost no spam, probably because I don't browse to places inviting it?

The mail filters are really good, when I get political diatribes I simply filter the sender and they are gone and their off-topic ravings no longer disturb me!  Different mailing lists go into different directories, for the most part it works well for me ...

Bob Goodwin

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