Re: "screen" for X applications?

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On 13Jun2007 09:06, ne... <guhvies@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| On 6/13/07, Frank Cox <theatre@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| >I have a couple of Fedora-with-LTSP setups.  It would be convenient to be 
| >able
| >to move jobs between terminals. [...]
| >Right now I have to close the other job, then re-load it on my current
| >terminal.  Is there a way to simply move it around instead of having to
| >kill-and-reload?
| vnc. Not quite what you are looking for at the application level, but
| it does work at the desktop level.

I second VNC. But for the app level I'm told NX is capable of it.
I have not yet used it.
Cameron Simpson <cs@xxxxxxxxxx> DoD#743

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