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John Ketchum wrote:
> Thanks, I have looked at that material, but as the main page says,
> the framework is only supported by F7.  I don't see a way to apply
> this to my F6 installation.  Of course, one option is to upgrade to
> F7, but it is not clear that this will solve my problem, and I don't
> want to go through the pain of the upgrade if it won't solve the
> problem.  Looking for some pointers before a go thrashing about with
> an upgrade...

I wish I had some helpful pointers for you.  Suspend is a pain to
debug.  It worked for me for a little while with FC6 (late in the
cycle) and then stopped working again.  I don't use it enough to spend
a lot of time debugging it.  F7 so far isn't working either, but at
least now I have more options for debugging thanks to the new tools.

I don't know if the F7 LiveCD handles suspend well or not.  That may
be worth a try though.  If it works, you can be relatively sure that
an install would work also.  If it doesn't work, the install may still
work, but you'd have to risk the time spent upgrading to find out. :-/

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