Re: How To Use Xen Virtualization ; Chips For Virtualization

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On 6/12/07, Robert L Cochran <cochranb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My AMD Athlon 64 chip listed above doesn't support full virtualization
e.g. there is no 'svn' in the /proc/cpuinfo flags.  I have this chip
installed in an Asrock 939SLI32-eSATA2 motherboard. Can anyone suggest a
new processor I can buy which supports full virtualization? I'd prefer
an AMD processor and I could replace the motherboard. The Asrock board
is rock solid -- I love it -- but I could replace it.

You will have to get a socket AM2 CPU as those are the ones that have
the virtualization extensions.  Which means you will need a new
motherboard and RAM (AM2 uses DDR2) as well.


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