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Hi, everyone,
	I remember the welcome message from older bulletin boards, which gave
you some info about the board and its uses/customs/guidelines.  It seems
to me that we could do new posters a favor by sending them such a
message when they join the list.  The subject line should be something
like Getting the most out of fedora-list.

	Text something like:

  This list is meant to help you get the best from your fedora
installation.  People here will help you find and fix problems, guide
you to best practices, and generally share their knowledge with you.  In
return you should contribute what you learn.  As you become comfortable
with fedora, it is desirable to add to the information used to improve
and maintain the system through bugzilla (this should be a link to a
document describing how to setup bugzilla and how to report bugs).

	When you have a problem with fedora here is a simple process to help
you find the problem:

	1.  What were you doing?  The program you started, the action you were
taking (as best
                 you can remember it), and what happened.
	2.  Record the error message(s) that you get on screen.
	3.  Look in the log files (list here)
	4.  Search the mailing list (link here) for the error message.  If it
is found, read that thread.  Search the mailing list for the program you
were running and the last action you did.  Read that thread.
	5.  Search the mailing list for the errors from the log files and read
those threads.
	6.  If this doesn't help, post a message to the group with the subject
		programname errormessage problemtitle
	    In the message put the brief description of what you were doing,
what logs you have read and any error messages.  Describe any steps you
took from the mailing list and mention that you read several threads by
thread subject.  This will help the list and you by reducing the search
time for your problem.
	7.  Do exactly what you are told by the list members and email them the
	8.  When the problem is fixed post a final message with "solved"
appended to the subject and in the message describe the step that solved
the issue.

	This will help you and the list immensely.  We want you to be a happy
and productive member of our community.

The Fedora list
(address here)
(unsubscribe link here)

What do you all think?

Les H

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