Re: help with Fedora core 7 dial-up connection

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 Have you checked the LinModems Suport Page?


 There is a utility called scanModem which you can get

copy it to your linux partition
# gunzip scanModem.gz
# chmod +x scanModem
# ./scanModem

I did that but it didn't help much.
The scanModem program generates tons of files
but doesn't actually help configure the modem.

will generate a Modem/ folder in which ModemData.txt gets generated
and it will tell you which modem driver you need if there is one for your modem(s).
You will need to subscribe to the list discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
to send in your ModemData.txt
or send it to me off the list so that we can try to help you out.

Depending on which chipset is included the
U.S.Robotics(Mod - 5610B) internal modem (PCI bus) modem
might be supported by the serial driver,
have support through linuxant(not free) only 14.4KBs and No support.

I don't understand why all this is necessary.
Fedora Core 5 detected and configured this modem automatically.
When did Fedora stop supporting modems?

This is *not* a linmodem -- it's a real modem.

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