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John Lagrue wrote:
All the press releases seemed to be making a big fuss about
virtualisation on Fedora 7 when it was pushed out last week. But
having investigated it I have to admit to being very disappointed

I need to run Windows guests so (as I understand it) Xen is out of the question.

So I use the new sparkly Virtual Machine Manager to set up and install
a Windows guest only to find it doesn't work! As soon as the guest
tries to reboot it loses any knowledge of the CDROM; and there's
nothing in the Manager to configure one.

I manage to work my way around this by running qemu from the command
line (which sems to conflict somehow the the VMM as it doesn't see the
now running guest OS) only to find that networking just doesn't

The VMM has no mechanisms for configuring networking, and most of the
rest of the info I can find is to do with Xen - which I already know I
can't run.

Does anybody know if there is any documentation about this stuff? I
certainly can't find anything that is not months if not years old.

I realise that I could install VMWare (and then rebuild my kernel) but
given that Fedora was launched with such a song and dance about
virtualisation I would rather use the new tools. If they worked!

See Questions can be directed to fedora-xen list.


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