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Karl Larsen wrote:
> Hello List,
>     I installed Fedora 7 and tried to install Thunderbird Email client 
> but it will not run on Fedora 7. At least I didn't get it to.
> Karl

Your comment isn't actually all that helpful in determining why it
doesn't work.  Was the install an upgrade from an earlier version of FC
or did you do an initial install?  Did any warning messages appear while
you were installing the software?  Did you follow the directions that
popped up on the screen the first time you invoked Thunderbird?  When you
kick off Thunderbird, does it dump core, just quit, catch fire... what?

Just for giggles, try invoking "/usr/bin/thunderbird" from an Xterm and
then check the Xterm for error messages after it dies... and then post
'em here if you want help in fixing the problem.


Computers run on smoke.  I know this because when the smoke escapes, the box
quits working.

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