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Chris Tyler wrote:
On Mon, 04 Jun 2007 11:27:17 -0400 Mark Haney wrote:
Has anyone mounted a DVD iso and used it via apache to upgrade a
system? I can use ftp I suppose, but it would require setting up ftp here and I"m not all the keen on doing it unless I absolutely have to. I''ve read where apache doesn't like files greater than 2GB, but if the ISO is mounted it should only serve up the files it needs, not the entire ISO. Right?

That approach has worked well for me. You'll have to disable SELinux
protection for httpd because you can't apply the right security context
to the files in an ISO9660 filesystem (because of both the lack of file
attributes and the read-only nature of ISO9660).

A posting about this is at

(I don't think there actually is a 2GB Apache limitation: I presume the
mirror servers serving the ISOs running Apache themselves. There are
clients with a 2GB limit though, the old version of either wget or lynx
(can't remember which) had issues).
The 2GB restriction is on file upload, not download. It is a Browser restriction based on 32bit file size, as I recall. All browsers are coded for 32 bit file address space.

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